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OptionsDigger.com MasterList

This is our main product. This is our options almanac! We guess it could have been something for Doc. Brown and Marty McFly in "Back to the Future".

The idea: how often have you noticed that someone was right on the spot with some (big) bets on equity options? Once in a while you see obvious patterns, big money and insider money at work. So we decided we want to dig for that.

The procedure: thanks to specific data becoming available (publicly available!), lots of technology and a few geeks (trading and IT) at work, we developed and set up our own proprietary screening engine, OptionsDigger.com. At the end of each trading day, our system processes, compares and screens several millions of data files.

The result: once the screening procedure is terminated (calculation alone lasts about ten minutes!), we get a list of approx. 50 (+/-) stock tickers complete of their relative top Call and Put options symbol detections.
The detected symbols match our proprietary screening approach. However, the detecting interpretation is still somewhat raw.

The refining of the list: while we are able to highlight some data on the list, for us to process and focus faster on particular/unusual setups, there are still many variables in play that need to be observed and evaluated, which cannot yet be processed further by machine only.

That is why MasterDigger, one of the founders of OptionsDigger.com, spends about 2-3 hours each day refining the list for his own personal use. For instance it is necessary to understand the interaction/dynamic of the detected options: are they buying or selling volume, opening or closing interest, part of a particular hedge or option strategy, etc.

As a paying member you will have access to:

Daily OptionsDigger.com MasterList: this is the raw MasterList generated by our proprietary scanning system. It will list the top Call and Put options symbols detections. This usually equals to about 50 (+/-) stock tickers/day. This list is usually available within 3 hours after market closed but does not yet include the Bull, Bear and BB% ratios.

Daily* MasterDigger Lists:

MasterDigger is one of the founders of OptionsDigger.com and he co-developed the screening approach and system for his own personal use. MasterDigger "digs" the MasterList manually every day (takes approx. 2 hours!) with the objective of finding and highlighting the most interesting detections to follow and put on the radar.

MasterList: MasterDiggers' MasterList is completed with the Bull, Bear and BB% ratios values. These values allow scrolling the list much faster while easily visualizing if there might be some "meat on the bone" that is worth digging further for. This is the main list. Anybody using our service should get acquainted in processing/scrolling this list first. Depending of what someone is looking for, different patterns and situations might appear that need to be followed further. Someone might find precious detections and information on this list, which are not highlighted on any other of MasterDiggers' lists!

SelectionList: on this list MasterDigger highlights the tickers that he will actively follow further. Usually these are above average detections/signals and many of the past top detections where retained on this list. There are a few tickers each couple of weeks that make it on this list and MasterDigger might add comments.

WatchList: under this section MasterDigger might add tickers that are intriguing enough to pay further attention but not clear enough to be put on the SelectionList. For MasterDigger it's kind of a secondary SelectionList

The above MasterDigger lists are normally available before market opens again, usually by 6 am NY time. The lists excel file is posted in the premium members forum section and can be downloaded.
* The lists might not be available when MasterDigger is traveling, abroad or on holiday.

Premium members' Forum: MasterDigger will post his daily SelectionList and WatchList in the Forum. Further you will find broad information and tips about our approach, observations and experiences so far. OptionsDigger.com is not for everybody. We believe our members to be educated and successful traders and investments professionals. The forum will be the place for premium members to exchange thoughts, expertise and create synergies.

OptionsDigger.com database access: you can lookup past detections for particular days and/or stock tickers. We started storing the detection data on December 21st, 2010.

Volatility screener: one of our founders likes to play options strategies based on volatility. He uses our access to data to create a list that helps him detect his plays. Particularly he likes to play volatility collapses after earnings (selling volatility high and buying it back cheaper). He has decided to let OptionsDigger.com premium subscribers have access to the list as well.

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